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Corbis: The Place for Pictures on the Internet

Corel Gallery 1 Million Images Clipart Collection

John G. Maisey, American Museum of Natural History

The Image Bank

The Nature Company Guides

Dreamstime Stock Photos Online

Royce B. McClure

Finally, I would like to extend a special "thank you" to the friends who shared their images and allowed me to use some of them on this site.


Dear Visitors,
This message is an explanation for the "function disabled" script that displays on this site when anyone attempts to use "right click".

The "function disabled" script was placed on this site because of people stealing the copyrighted images and using them on their own sites without even crediting where the images came from or bothering to write for permission. The images at SharkFriends have been purchased and/or in some cases been put on the site by permission of the photographers or photo companies which license the photos. Credit has also been given to them on this page. Visitors are free to purchase many of the photos for their own sites at www.corbis.com as I did or do the work of researching and getting permission to use non-corbis images just like I also did.

I am aware that there are some people who can get around the "function disabled" code... but honest people usually ask if they can have photos rather than steal them. Many of the photos on this site are copyrighted and used by permission and I have no right to pass them along to others and anyone using them without permission can be prosecuted for breaking copyright laws. It is always best to ask before taking any images off anyone's site. If they cannot give you permission directly, they can give you the contact person and/or company where you can get permission. Its better to be safe and legal when using photographs on a website than to be fined and/or imprisoned for breaking the law.

I do urge that when anyone visits any site that they do keep in mind that copyright laws do exist and are in place for a good reason and that those annoying disabled notices will only show up for those attempting to be dishonest and steal photos from a website. It may also be nice to remember that the people who created a website may have gone to great links to purchase or get permission for the images there (as I did with this site) and that it is only right for you, as the visitor, to do the honorable thing and respect there hard work and efforts to make an honest website for other people to enjoy.

Creator of SharkFriends

P.S. If you are not clear about copyright laws you can learn more about them at http://www.whatiscopyright.org.

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