Let's just swim over this coral and see if we catch a glimpse of any more sharks, than I'll
take you up to the boat that will take you back home again!

This was not a shark I expected us to run into! It's a great white shark!

The great white shark is forever on the hunt for a meal! Great whites as small as 10 feet have been captured and cut open to reveal whole sea lions! Imagine what a great white shark as big as the one we are seeing could eat.
Great whites are not picky eaters. Like many large predators they are flexible in their diet in order to find enough food to live on.
Their teeth are their most terrifying feature. They are long, triangular, sharp and steel-strong daggers, perfectly designed for tearing off chunks of meat from large predators.

The good news is that great whites rarely attack man. They are a very misunderstood and feared creature. They are not the horrible man eaters that everyone thinks they are. Most attacks are on divers and surfers who, when bobbing about in the water, resemble a sea lion or seal, the white sharks favorite food source. So you could say great white shark attacks are actually a case of mistaken identity.

The sad fact is that sharks have more to fear from man, than man has to fear from sharks. Millions of my shark friends are killed every year by man and they won't survive being killed off at that rate. If you want to learn more about this, please take time to read the report Sharks In Trouble by the World Wildlife Fund (pdf format).

We have seen some wonderful examples of sharks on our tour today! Keep in mind that these are just a few of many different species of sharks! For further information on sharks check in your local library or check out "Shark Week" which aires every year on the Discovery Channel!

Well, now that you have seen the oceans ultimate predator and learned more about sharks, lets head back to home base!

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