Oh, look! There's the beautiful and unusual hammerhead shark!

The hammerhead is one of the strongest swimmers of all sharks. It throws it's head from side to side as it swims so that it can see better; the hammerhead's eyes are located on either side of it's head.

The largest of Hammerheads is the Great Hammerhead which can grow to 11 feet in length, although some have been reported as large as 20 feet.

Hammerheads are found in all warm and tropical seas. They stay near coastal and inshore waters, so they are sighted often!

Hammerheads have very powerful jaws, despite this, they are mostly shy around humans. They have still been known to attack divers that get too close and they steal fish from spearfisherman.

Well, speaking of getting too close... I think it's time we swam on!

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