Hey! Look over there... some of our divers have come upon a whale shark!

We are so lucky! Whale sharks are rarely seen. These filter feeders eat plankton, as we learned earlier before we left on our dive. They open their mouths very wide and gulp in tons of plankton at a time. Rather like a water filter, filters out impurities from your drinking water, a whale shark filters out his food from the ocean water.

The Whale shark can be found in the western Atlantic, eastern Atlantic, Indo-West, central, and eastern Pacific.

Whale sharks can grow to great sizes! The average size of a whale shark is around 40 feet long, although some have been known to reach a length of 59 feet.

Another interesting fact about whale sharks is that their skin is 4 inches thick!

Sadly, 18 whale sharks were killed in just 1 day in the Phillipines, where their meat is a prized food source.

I'm sure you won't forget seeing this big friend of mine anytime soon!

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