~SharkFriends Shark Information Investigation~
A Teacher's Guide

What Information About Sharks Should You Believe?
SharkFriends includes many facts about sharks. But this site is just one of many sources from which you can obtain information about these complex creatures. Which sources should you rely on? In this activity, you will collect information from several different sources and then evaluate your findings.


  1. First make a chart like the one below on a separate sheet of paper. Next, fill in your group's assigned topic either the anatomy and physiology of sharks or their behavior.

  2. As your class reads through the information on this site, take notes in the column labeled "SharkFriends" about facts that relate to your topic.

  3. Research other sources to see whether they contain information that agrees or differs from the facts you collected from the SharkFriends site.

  1. Once you have completed your research, consider all of your facts, and choose which source or sources you most believe for each fact. List this source in the last column of your table and give your reasons for why you feel this source is most believable. In evaluating the sources, you may want to consider the following:
    • How objective is the source given the topic you are considering?
    • How credible is the source?
    • When were the facts reported?
    • Where did the fact originate?

  2. Based on your selections in the last column, what conclusions can you draw about the reliability of different sources?

  3. While you are researching sharks from different sources you and your class will...
    • learn even more about sharks by compiling this information from varied sources
    • get a wide and varied spectrum of ideas and beliefs about the ocean's #1 predator
    • reveal the mis-information and myths that are wrongly associated with sharks
    • learn the realities and true facts associated with sharks

Source 1:

Source 2:
Reference Books

Source 3:
Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Source 4:
Scientist or Science Journal Articles

Source 5:
Other Internet Resources

Which source(s) do you most believe and why?
Fact 1 Example: Sharks are not truly man-eaters

Fact 2

Fact 3

Fact 4

Fact 5

The main goal of this exercise is to provide your class with numerous and varied facts about sharks so that hopefully they will learn and be able to separate the scientific facts about sharks from the myths and mis-information that has been presented to the public over the years.
Hopefully after researching sharks from various resources and points of view your students will come away truly educated and more informed about these complex and intriguing predators.

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