Caution! This page contains photos that may upset some visitors.

~ The Reality of Shark Finning ~

This page is dedicated to the memory of Rob Stewart, Creator of the film "SharkWater"

Shark finning is killing sharks every year at an alarming rate! It is estimated that 100 to 200 million sharks annually are killed for their fins alone. This practice is mainly for supplying shark fins for the so-called delicacy known as shark fin soup. Photos like the one at right are not uncommon. Like the beautiful hammerhead shark in the picture, sharks by the millions are being caught, having their fins cut off, and are then thrown back into the sea.

Sharks that are caught and their fins cut off are not always dead when their bodies are thrown back into the sea. Without its fins the shark simply sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it dies. Such a horrible death for such a magnificent creature! How aweful it must be for these animals... to think that when their body hits the water again that they will be safe, only to realize that they can no longer swim, and end up dying in an ocean, which was just moments earlier their safe haven, and is now their doom.

Shark fins, once they are harvested, are then dried to be sold in markets to individuals and restaurants to be made into shark fin soup and sold to the public (especially tourists) for as much as $350 per bowl! The shark fins don't even add any flavor to the soup. Chicken or pork are used to flavor, the fins are for texture only. The photo at right shows a small line of sharks getting ready to be finned. Multiply this line by a million and you won't even come close to the actual sharks that are killed annually.

All of this killing for a bowl of soup! Shark finning is not only a cruel and backwards practice, it is a waste and a travesty on nature and must stop before the great equalizer of the sea is lost forever.
Mankind cannot continue to abuse nature or nature will strike back... and with brutal fury! Shark finning should be made a practice of the past so that children will be able to see and admire sharks in the future... for it would be a sad and tragic day when the only sharks people get to see are the ones in books.

Its important to remember also, that mankind will become extinct next if sharks disappear. Without sharks the oceans will team with fish and other ocean animals that live off the plant life in the sea. When this plant matter disappears so will the vital oxygen that the ocean produces... than what happens? Think about it.

Pressure from the public resulted in a international moratorium on whaling, but there are no international regulations to protect sharks.

Shark supplements are used in Asian countries to cure everything from intimacy dysfunctions to cancer. The facts: sharks get cancer and like many creatures in our oceans are contaminated with high levels of mercury.

View the Humane Society video on shark finning below to get a better understanding of why stopping this practice is so important....

How Everyone Can Help...

1. If you live in a country where shark finning is legal than get a petition going and send it to your government telling them to put an end to this practice.
2. If you travel, don't go to countries that legalize shark finning... deny them your tourism dollars. Go to their tourism sites too and tell them you aren't visiting and bringing in your tourism dollars until this practice ends.
3. If you must travel in countries where finning is legal, don't order shark fin soup.
4. Copy the conservation banner below and put it on your site with a link back to us or just tell all your friends to visit this site and get educated about sharks!
5. Tell everyone you know to see the film "Sharkwater" (visit the link below).


View a beautiful video tribute to "SharkWater" creator, Rob Stewart, by clicking HERE.