~ The Blue Whale ~

The Blue whale is the world's largest living animal. The best record of the largest Blue whale was a female that was about 110 feet long and weighed 209 tons. Males average a length of 65 to 105 feet in length and females average 69 to 110 feet in length.

A newborn Blue whale measures at least 19 to 20 feet long. It is estimated that a baby Blue whale drinks 50 gallons of milk a day, adding 8 pounds of weight per hour, or 200 pounds per day. Calves are weaned at about 8 months of age and by that time can measure close to 50 feet long and weigh about 50,000 pounds!

Blue whales live in offshore tropical waters to polar waters. They do migrate like many other whale species. They are fast moving for their size and are estimated to exceed 19 mph.

Blue whales eat euphausiids with some squid, amphipods, copepods, and red crabs.

In the late 19th century Blue whales were hunted relentlessly; by the 1950's they were endangered. They are still endangered today with numbers estimated at only 6,000 to 14,000 world-wide.

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