~ Dall's Porpoise ~

The Dall's porpoise resides in the cold temperate North Pacific. They are a very hyperactive animal and act more like an excited dolphin than a shy, retiring porpoise. They will race around whale-watching boats, even riding the bow.

These porpoises will travel just beneath the surface at speeds up to 35 mph and they push up a distinctive spray that looks like a rooster's tail. They do not leap out of the water, but the excitement they create on whale-watching tours can last for hours.

Most Dall's porpoises are black with a white belly, but there are several species with slightly different coloration which may represent subspecies or races. This porpoise has two to three times the body "bulk" of other porpoise species, resembling the rounded body type of animals like the Beluga. Males average 6 to 8 feet in length, females average 6 to 7 feet in length.

Dall's porpoises are named after the zoologist who first noted them in the wild, William H. Dall.

Their numbers are not well known, but many Dall's porpoises are killed in western Pacific hunts and in fishing nets.

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