~ The Dusky Dolphin ~

Dusky dolphins can be found in the coastal and shelf waters of South Africa, New Zealand, southern Australia, and southern South America. Dusky dolphins in different areas have slightly different patterns of color on their back, but all are of the same species. Most are colored with beautiful stripe-like markings as seen in the photo above.

These dolphins are one of the most acrobatic of dolphin species. Their slim bodies can execute extraordinary leaps and somersaults. Once one Dusky starts leaping others often follow. They seem to enjoy contact with boats and humans and are popular on whale-watching trips from Patagonia, Argentina to Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Dusky dolphins stay in their home territory throughout the year. They do at times come together to socialize and rest, but separate into smaller groups to feed.

Adult males average a length of 7 feet, females average about 6 feet in length.

The Dusky dolphin's diet consists of squid, small fish such as anchovy, and bottom-fish.

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