~ The Fin Whale ~

The Fin whale is the second largest whale after the Blue whale. Record length for the Fin whale is about 88 feet.

Because of its size it was extensively whaled in the late 1800's from the North Atlantic, then in the North Pacific and Southern Ocean. Whaling of Fin whales occurred as late as 1985 and whaling still occurs in Greenland.

Fin whales are white on the lower right side of their head and black on the lower left. The baleen on the right side is mostly white, while the baleen on the left is dark gray. Males average a length of 58 to 82 feet and females average 60 to 88 feet in length.

Fin whales are most common in the northern hemisphere and can be seen close to shore off Iceland, eastern Canada, New England, Baja California, and in the Mediterranean. They are less common, but seen farther offshore in the southern hemisphere and the Antarctic.

These whales are often observed alone or in pairs, but on feeding grounds up to 10 or 20 can be found together.

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