~ Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin ~

This page is dedicated to Shanan & Brett for their tireless efforts in the research and protection of humpback dolphins in South Africa.

In 1765, Swedish explorer Per Osbeck was amazed to find snow white dolphins in the China Sea. In more recent years Hong Kong's "pink dolphins" have become a favored and popular attraction. But as tours became popular in the mid-1990's Hong Kong's newest airport threatens the locally favored habitat of the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins.

This dolphin lives in the shallow coastal waters of southern and eastern Africa, including the Red Sea, extending east along the coast of China, Indonesia, and northern Australia.

There may even be at least two species, or distinct populations of Humpback dolphins. Those west of Sumatra have a fatty lump below the dorsal fin, while those east and south of Sumatra have no fatty lump and a taller dorsal fin.

The Humpback dolphin's color varies locally, as well as among age groups and individuals. The back can be mainly dark gray, white, or even pink. Their belly tends to be light gray.

Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins often swim with other dolphins like the Bottlenose, Spinner, and Finless dolphins. But unlike the Bottlenose, they rarely bow ride or approach boats.

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