~ The Sperm Whale ~

The Sperm whale is probably best known as the whale Herman Melville chose for his famous novel, "Moby Dick". Moby Dick was a white Sperm whale, and although rare, white Sperm whales are born occasionally.

The Sperm whale is considered the Lord of the Sea because of its wide range. The Sperm whale can be found throughout the world oceans, except for the high Arctic. The Sperm whale has the largest brain of any animal and is the largest toothed whale.

Males average 36 to 65 feet in length and females average a length of 27 to 56 feet.

Sperm whales make long, deep dives, possibly down to 10,000 feet deep or deeper. Their dives last up to two hours. During these dives they feed on squid, octopus, and large fish. Although never witnessed, their battles with giant squid are the stuff of legend. Scars on the bodies of Sperm whales, and giant squid beaks found in the stomachs of dead Sperm whales, provide compelling evidence that the legend may actually be true!

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