~ The Spinner Dolphin ~

The Spinner dolphin, also known as the Rollover, Longsnout, Long-snouted Spinner dolphin, or Long-beaked dolphin, is famous for its fantastic jumps high out of the water. The Spinner dolphin can leap into the air and make as many as 7 complete spins with its body before diving back into the ocean again! Few dolphins can leap as high as the Spinner and except for the Clymene dolphin, no others can spin.

Spinner dolphins are seen most frequently around Hawaii, Mexico, and Japan.

There are several forms of Spinner dolphins. In the eastern tropical Pacific alone, where they have been more intensively studied, there are three forms, each with slight differences.

They travel in groups from 5 to 200, but a 1000 or more may travel together in mixed schools or pods of other dolphins.

Because of their acrobatic talents they were one of the first dolphins to be captured for aquariums, but they have a poor survival rate in captivity.

The greatest threat to Spinner dolphins has been tuna fishing, which has killed hundreds of thousands of them. Although the kills are fewer today, their numbers have not returned to original population sizes.

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